Agreement Quotation Meaning

14 – Confidentiality. The client will use the company`s offer, as well as related knowledge and ideas, exclusively for the purpose of assessing their interest in the assignment. These provisions also apply to proposed amendments and complements and/or renewals of contracts. one. Both parties are required to strictly respect the confidentiality of information received from the other party or from another source within the contract. Information is considered confidential when it is considered confidential when it is considered as such by the party that disclosed it or if that confidentiality is inherent in the nature of the information. B. These Terms and Conditions do not contain or replace confidential agreements that may be drawn up between the parties. An agreement must be evaluated and developed between the client and the entity, which protects and marks as confidential other information exchanged that is not previously related to this contract. c. The company will not pass on to third parties the results resulting from the execution of the transfer granted by the customer.

d. The confidentiality obligation under this clause does not apply to data or results that are: – generic, i.e. they do not specifically concern the management of the client`s activity and/or its activities; – they were already in the possession of the company; – are known to all and/or may be known to all without this being the result of an illegal act or negligence of the company; – were legally obtained by the company by a third party or by research carried out by the same company, without using data or results inaccessible to third parties; – were classified as non-confidential or considered non-confidential after consultation with the client; – must be disclosed under the law or regulations based on it; – are accessible to the public. E. The confidentiality obligation under this clause is not applied: – if the company considers it necessary to provide explanations to third parties following the disclosure of the results of the transfer by the client; – where confidentiality is against the law; – during inspections carried out as part of internal or external audits aimed at maintaining or renewing the accreditation of product certification systems and management, personnel and inspection systems; – in the event of the transmission of the results of the compliance assessment to the accreditation and supervisory bodies that provide for this request to maintain accreditation or qualifications; – in case of danger to people or things. If possible, a consultation on the above takes place in advance between the customer and the company. f. At the customer`s request, the company will keep the customer`s name and activities confidential. g. The customer is bound by the secrecy of business information whose confidentiality is defined or of which the customer should reasonably be aware. The client also undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the staff he has ordered or third parties.

B. Without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, each party has the right to terminate the contract without any liability if the other party commits a substantial breach of one of its contractual obligations which it does not rewrite within thirty days of written notification of that breach (no notice will apply to a violation of the terms of delivery) or if it enters into a general agreement with its creditors; either the cessation or termination of the activity or a substantial part of the activity, or the non-preservation of their debts within the meaning of the applicable law below; liquidation, whether mandatory or voluntary, except as a solvent company for the purposes of merger or reconstruction; or has appointed a director or beneficiary of all or part of his or her estate, or where an equivalent proceeding is initiated under a competent jurisdiction.

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