Valencia College Transfer Agreements

DirectConnect was an answer to a federal problem: the leak of pipelines for Community University students who wanted to get a bachelor`s degree. Although about 80 percent of students in the community say they intend to change to earn four years, only 40 percent do, and only 17 percent actually earn a bachelor`s degree in six years. With DirectConnect, Valencia and UCF were able to plug the leaks in the pipeline. Four out of five Valencian graduates go to the UCF and students who pass through DirectConnect have graduation rates and grades similar to those who spent four years at the UCF. Students from the Community University who have joined the UCF now represent 48% of all students who obtain a bachelor`s degree. General Programs – Prepare for the Transfer of Higher Education: Our most popular program among international students is the Associated Arts in General Studies. General A.A. Education offers a basic free art education that prepares you to go to university as a junior (third year student). It also includes many courses of choice, so you can study on a particular subject or just explore topics that interest you. You can follow a transfer plan or choose a pre-major that will help you meet most of the pre-division requirements for a specific university major. Transfer contract: After obtaining a two-year degree in Valencia, you can join an American university as a junior (third year student) to obtain your bachelor`s degree. Our graduate with a partner at Arts (A.A.) Diploma is guaranteed admission to one of Florida`s 12 public universities. Valencia also has a trail program with the University of Central Florida and we even have students who have transferred to ivy League schools.

The development of other 2-and-2-year programs requires coordination between higher education and industry, as well as between colleges and universities, which are often competing for students, said Frank Bosworth, who helped set up master-in-architecture in Orlando.

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