About a year ago, we connected with Dimitry through a close friend of ours. Dimitry had seen a few of our same day edits and became interested. We made the trek from Corona to LA to have coffee with them and the rest was history.

Both of them shared a little of their backstory and immediately we became interested. I could tell you guys what they shared, but then that would ruin the film. Fast forward to their wedding day, there was so much detail and character to it. We love, love, love couples who inject bits and pieces of their personality into their wedding day. To the point where you show up as a guest and you’re able to read who they are as individuals and as a couple.

With all the relevant details, I do have to say that the one thing that stuck out to me was what Dimitry had told me shortly after wrapping up his vows. He said, “If you can’t express your feelings to someone, then you aren’t living life.” So true on all levels, I have to add. With that in mind, enjoy their film.

Also kudos to Amber Cowell of Jesi Haack Design for coordinating such an awesome celebration and to Brett from Smog Shoppe for working with us on the same day edit premiere. Brett & Jess, it was a pleasure shooting with you guys as well! Safe travels back!

Enjoy the film!


Katie + Dimitry // SDE

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